Tour Historic Greenwood

You heard the stories, saw the news reports, and watched some of the documentaries. Now, experience Historic Greenwood firsthand with an AUTHENTIC guided tour that's custom-designed to meet your needs.

Hey Bro. Terry, I hope you are well. Reaching out to let you know, my wife and I saw the documentary last night. It was magnificent‼️ We loved everything about the documentary. - Craig from Stockton, CA

Hi Terry! I went to see your Greenwood joint yesterday. It Was Excellent!! I really thought it was well done, directed and produced. I truly enjoyed it. And I think it is and will be an important documentation in the archives as people continue to learn about Greenwood/Black Wall Street. CONGRATULATIONS!

Bought that Greenwood Ave documentary bro... excellent job! You guys told the whole story. Thank you. - R. Jones

“Thank you Terry, a great way to spend the morning! Appreciated your unique insights and bringing things to life. Would have never gotten that out of a book! Thanks again.”

“Thank you for a very informative tour of the Greenwood area. We really appreciate the knowledge you shared with us!” - LaTasha

“I had a guided tour of Greenwood yesterday and learned some things. Did you know that after being destroyed in 1921, Greenwood was rebuilt by 1925 and had a 45 year run of prosperity until the 1970s when it was intentionally destroyed by the highway? So much more to learn. Thanks to @terrybaccus for the education.”

“Thank you brother Terry @terrybaccus for an exceptionally great tour - Greenwood, Tulsa, Oklahoma"

“Terry’s passion for Greenwood was felt by all of us. Thank you Terry for sharing your experiences and memories of this horrendous event that occurred in Greenwood. Thank you.”

“I’d like to extend a special thanks to @terrybaccus the mayor of Greenwood, Oklahoma for providing us with the real history of Black Wall Street. Remarkable man and powerful speaker. If you know the history about your Indigenous American Ancestors then this trip is a must. Thank you again to @theunitywalk for providing this opportunity that my family will never forget.”

The museum was good. I liked the tour better. The museum didn't rally give me a feel for the neighborhood (then and now). I'm glad I went to both though.

$30.00 per person

$400.00 for groups of 15 or more

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